Medico-Legal Reports

Mr Nigam has an experience of over 20 years in issuing medico-legal reports.

Snoring/Sleep Apnoea 
  • What can cause snoring?
  • What is sleep apnoea?
  • What treatments are available for snoring/sleep apnoea?
  • What are sinuses?
  • What is sinusitis?
  • How can sinusitis be treated?
  • What happens during sinusitis surgery?
  • Sinus surgery recovery
Septal Surgery 
  • What is the septum?
  • Who can have septal surgery?
  • What happens during septal surgery?
  • Recovering from septal surgery
  • What can I expect to feel after surgery?
  • What is rhinoplasty?
  • Who can have rhinoplasty?
  • What happens during the rhinoplasty operation?
  • Rhinoplasty recovery
Hearing Tests 
  • What is hearing loss?
  • What are the different types of hearing tests?
  • When should I seek advice for my hearing?
  • What are grommets?
  • What is glue ear?
  • What are the problems associated with glue ear?
  • My child keeps getting frequent ear infections - what should I do?
  • What happens during grommet insertion?
  • What happens after the grommet treatment?
Endoscopic Sinus Surgery 
  • What is endoscopic sinus surgery?
  • Why might I need endoscopic sinus surgery?
  • What happens during endoscopic sinus surgery?
  • How does endoscopic sinus surgery help?
  • Endoscopic sinus surgery recovery
Endoscopic Throat Examination
  • What is an endoscopic throat examination?
  • What problems are best assessed using an endoscopic throat examination?
  • What happens during an endoscopic throat examination?
  • What happens after the examination?
Earwax Removal
  • What does earwax do?
  • How is earwax removed?
  • Why should I consider earwax removal?