Some people may experience hearing problems due to glue ear. In some cases, grommets may be a good idea to relieve discomfort. We can support you with grommet insertion.

What are grommets? 

Grommets are very small plastic tubes which sit in a hole in the eardrum. These holes allow air to get in and out of the ear.

Children who experience hearing problems may be suitable for grommets. A medical professional will need to assess whether this is the most suitable treatment for your child and whether glue ear is the cause of the hearing loss. 

What is glue ear? 

Glue ear refers to when fluid is found behind the eardrum. This can cause earache and loss of hearing. Glue ear is quite common in younger children, but it can also happen to adults. We can clean the ear and remove the fluid to help increase comfort for you. 

What are the problems associated with glue ear? 

The main problem associated with glue ear is a loss of hearing. This can be tricky for children to explain. It may also cause them to struggle at school. 

If you believe that your child is struggling with their hearing, you should let their school know. Then, they can make adjustments to your child’s learning, such as offering more support and altering their seating position in the classroom. 

My child keeps getting frequent ear infections – what should I do? 

Glue ear can be resolved on its own and usually only takes around a week to get better. If your child is struggling, you may need to visit a doctor who can provide antibiotics. 

If you notice that your child frequently experiences glue ear, you should keep a diary. In the diary, you should note how often they occur and the severity of the symptoms. 

With frequent cases of glue ear, you may be recommended to consider grommets. These may help to improve your child’s hearing and reduce some of their discomfort. 

What happens during grommet insertion? 

The treatment is safe and efficient. We will let you know what you can do to help the grommets work. 

It’s important to try and reduce the amount of water entering your child’s ears. We’ll let you know how to achieve this during activities such as hair washing and swimming. 

The decision to have grommets will be made based on medical recommendations and the thoughts of you and your child. 

What happens after the grommet treatment? 

Grommets do not tend to cause any side effects, but the surgery does, of course, come with risks. We will discuss these with you in detail so that you can make an informed decision. Your child will likely require a few days at home to rest after the insertion. 

After around 6 – 9 months, the grommets tend to fall out. This is supposed to happen. You can contact a healthcare professional if the ear problems continue after the grommets have fallen out.