Endoscopic Sinus Surgery 


Endoscopic Sinus Surgery is the name given to operations used for severe or difficult-to-treat sinus problems. In the past, sinus operations were done through incisions (cuts) in the face and mouth, but endoscopic sinus surgery allows the operation to be performed without the need for these cuts.

What is endoscopic sinus surgery? 

An endoscope is a thin, rigid tube that can be inserted into the body with a camera on the end. It allows doctors and surgeons to get a better look at different areas of the body. Endoscopic tools are commonly used in patients experiencing nasal problems. 

This endoscopic tube means that surgery can be performed internally rather than externally, meaning cuts are not made to the face. 

Why might I need endoscopic sinus surgery? 

A doctor will advise you on whether you need endoscopic sinus surgery after they have assessed your symptoms thoroughly. Those who may need endoscopic sinus surgery are usually suffering from one of the following issues. 

  • Sinusitis 
  • Polyps in the nasal cavities 
  • Obstructions in the nose
  • Tumours in the nose 

All of these issues can make it difficult for you to breathe. It’s very important to seek medical advice if you are worried about your health. A medical professional can advise you on the most appropriate treatment. 

What happens during endoscopic sinus surgery? 

This surgery is reasonably low-risk and can be completed without you needing to stay in the hospital for long. You will usually only need to stay in the recovery room for a short while and rest in your hospital room before you go home. 

After the endoscope has been inserted, the doctor will locate the cause of your breathing problems. Depending on the cause, they will use specialist equipment to remove it. 

How does endoscopic sinus surgery help? 

Endoscopic sinus surgery can have many benefits when performed correctly. It can help to reduce the number of sinus infections that you experience, improve airflow and increase your sense of smell. These can help to improve your quality of life. 

As with all surgeries, there are some side effects that you will need to be aware of. We’ll ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision to benefit your health. 

Endoscopic sinus surgery recovery 

It’s quite normal to experience some discomfort after having the surgery, which may be accompanied by bleeding. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about what to expect and when you may need further medical advice. 

Some people also feel quite tired after having the surgery and report having nasal discharge. This is quite normal, but again, we will let you know when it’s best to seek advice.