Hearing Tests 

Hearing loss can be quite disheartening, which is why it’s important to seek advice earlier. When we start experiencing hearing loss, it can be due to nerve damage or other conditions. Hearing loss is quite common, especially as we age. 

The type of hearing loss that you experience depends on the area that has been affected. A doctor can perform tests to determine which area that is and offer you the best treatment. The two main types of hearing loss are conductive and sensorineural. 

Conductive hearing loss can be caused by blockages or trauma, whereas sensorineural hearing loss is caused by damage to the  nerves inside the ear. 

What are the different types of hearing tests? 

We offer three types of hearing tests. These are air conduction audiograms, bone conductions and tympanometry.

Hearing tests involve the use of noise at different volumes and pitches. This can help to identify hearing problems. Different tests can be used to discover the cause of the hearing loss. 

Air conduction audiograms 

Air conduction audiograms test the intensity of the sound within the ear. This test considers various areas of the ear, including the outer, middle and inner ear. 

Bone conductions 

A bone conduction test measures the intensity of the sound within the inner ear specifically. A small pad is placed behind the ear to complete this test. The pad vibrates during the test. 


A tympanometry hearing test focuses specifically on how the middle ear works. The middle ear is concerned with sending sound waves to the brain. During this test, a tympanometer is used, which contains an air port, speaker and microphone. 

Depending on your hearing test results, you may be offered treatment, such as a hearing aid. 

When should I seek advice for my hearing?

You should see a professional if you are worried about your hearing. It’s best to seek advice early so that the most appropriate treatment can be offered. 

Many people experiencing hearing loss notice that they cannot hear what is being said due to background noise. This can be disheartening, but seeking advice can lead to treatment that can help you. 

Some people notice hearing loss coming on quickly, and this will need fast medical attention. If you are worried about your hearing, you should always seek advice.